When Matcha drinks Coffee: Why I’m Loving Pour Over Coffee

Matcha here, checking in to share a new coffee machine and method of preparation that I have been loving: pour over coffee. Do not get me wrong, I love a good frothy matcha in the morning. There is something so cozy about coffee to me; I love how its smell instantly signifies the start of a new day. It signifies that it is time to wake up and get started on whatever your day has to offer.

Coffee is definitely known to go through trends; whether it be Nitro brew or oat milk lattes, the list is endless. The latest buzz I’ve been seeing at coffee shops and from different baristas is pour over coffee. There is nothing too fancy about it, which was a big reason I was so interested in trying it out. Pour over coffee simply gives you total control over the brewing process and allows you to have a stronger and tastier cup of coffee. It also yields a much smaller mess than other methods, which I am all about.

So, whats the buzz?

I’m excited to share that the pour over method is my new method of choice thanks to Mr. Coffee. Sadly, I have been attached to my Keurig machine for years. It definitely makes me cringe at how many K-cups I have been through and wasted. But alas, we cannot all be totally perfect in our sustainability efforts. This is a big reason why I wanted to share my new find with all of you. I am happy to have found a method that reduces waste and tastes a LOT better in my opinion.

Showcasing the awesome and intuitive LED screen with various settings and commands.

Pour over coffee is a method of brewing coffee that allows you to control the temperature of water you are using. Because of this, the water temperature is at the optimal heat to brew your coffee — 200 degrees Fahrenheit. You are also able to control how fast the water pours over the coffee. In this case, the slower the better as it gives more time for the water to absorb all of the flavor notes of the coffee beans.

How do I make it at home?

One thing I really love about the Mr. Coffee Pour Over Machine is that it is extremely intuitive. It has an LED screen with instructions and the machine beeps at you if you miss a step or if you do anything wrong. I mean, I totally need this setting on for all of the happenings in my life! Forgot to lock the front door? Accidentally left the lights on before leaving the house? Dog has to go to the bathroom? Please beep at me!

You have the option with the machine to make 2, 4, or 6 cups of coffee. I really love this feature as it allows you do reduce waste. It’s really nice that you aren’t required to brew an entire pot; you have total control over what is made.

The machine retails for around $139. To me, any machine like this is a smart investment as we all know how expensive coffee shops can be. To purchase the machine, you can click the link here. I will add a highlight to my Instagram page showing how easy it is to brew with the machine. Because, who doesn’t love a tutorial?

This blog post is sponsored by Mr. Coffee but all of the opinions and recommendations are wholeheartedly my own.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about pour over coffee! Tell me, have you tried out this method before? What is your brewing method of choice? Are you a coffee or a matcha person? As you can tell, I am a happy mix of both and am extremely excited to have found this new method to use in the ease of my home. Wishing you all a great day ahead!



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