18 Gift Ideas to Get You Through the 2018 Holiday Season

Holiday season is among us!  Its the most wonderful time of the year and spreading joy is one of the best parts of it all. If you’re similar to me, you absolutely love gifting things to people – but often times you aren’t sure what to get them. I created this gift guide to be a resource for you this holiday season on what to gift; whether it be your significant other, your neighbor, your boss, and so on. You’ll see items included from a variety of price ranges to hopefully include something that can help make your life a little easier this holiday season. Happy shopping!

1. Almond Cow – The Plant Based Milk Maker ($180)

Making homemade nut milks is a huge way to save money over time and tastes SO much more fresh. You don’t have to worry about any additives with the Almond Cow – you have complete control of what goes into your milk. The process takes about 30 seconds and requires no straining! This machine is typically $195, but by using the code ‘MATCHAANDMARGS‘ you can get $15 off plus free US + Canadian shipping (a total value of $30). You can use this link to get the discount as well. Watch this video to see how easy the process is.

My homemade vanilla matcha collagen cashew milk

If you’re shopping for the Almond Cow on Cyber Monday, they are $50 off today – the highest sale they have ever had! Click here to activate.

2. Healthy Human ($20-$36)

Healthy Human Life is one of my favorite brands of insulated water bottles. Their products keep your liquids super cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Beyond helping make taking your drinks on the go easier, they offer a wide variety of super cute patterns. They also eliminate the use of plastic water bottles! I have a curved bottle with an added sports cap that I have been using to take with me to work out. I definitely recommend the sports cap to purchase alongside the bottle! You can use the code CORIFI10 for 10% off their website or products on Amazon.

If you are shopping for Healthy Human bottles on Cyber Monday, they are 30% off + free shipping!  Use code ‘CYBERMONDAY30’.

3. MZ Wallace Bag ($215-$245)

This bag is my favorite bag for daily use – it holds just about everything I need. It can serve as a gym bag, a work bag, etc. and is extremely durable. For an everyday bag, I think the prices for them are fairly reasonable. I’ve had mine for 6 months and it is still in incredible condition. I have the Medium Metro Tote in black shown below, but would also recommend their backpacks.

4. Personalized gift basket (price will vary)

One of my favorite things to gift to local friends and family are personalized gift baskets with some of my favorite items. You can definitely send these to people in the mail, but you don’t have as much control as how the basket will look, which is the fun part to me. Some items I like to include in mine are Georgia Grinders nut butter (Pecan butter and Maple Caramel Almond butter are fun seasonal flavors), Beeseasonal Honey, fancy olives and oils, Simple Mills baking mixes, and so much more!

5. Ceramics (Soft Earth Ceramics and Cord x Clay – prices will vary)

A question I get asked frequently is where I get my ceramics from. I absolutely love treating myself to ceramics from time to time – I really appreciate the earthy vibes they bring. Two of my favorite brands to buy from are Soft Earth Ceramics and Cord x Clay. Cord x Clay also has adorable hand woven coasters that would make a great gift. I’ve included links to both of their Etsy shops below!

Cord x Clay hand woven coasters

Click here to shop the Etsy shop by Soft Earth Ceramics
Click here to shop the Etsy shop by cord x clay

6. Avocado Green Mattress Organic Pillows ($79-99)

In my opinion, sleep is one of the most common pillars of health. It is something that I prioritize on the daily to ensure that I can be my most productive, happy self. Avocado Green Mattress’s organic pillows are extremely comfortable and have a fresh, medium plush feel. They are handmade and 100% worth the investment for a better nights sleep. Since I got these pillows for my bed, my sleep has improved drastically and I really don’t plan on ever going back. These pillows would be the perfect gift for just about anybody. Pro tip: get two for your partner so you can reap in the benefits as well 🙂 Happy snoozin’!

7. California Home Goods ($15-$19)

I recently discovered this company on Amazon and they seriously have the cutest kitchen gadgets and home goods ever! They sell these adorable plant holders that would make a great gift for any of your beloved plant parents! The products are also extremely affordable which is always a plus.

2 Small Decorative Geometric Hanging Planters Pot for Indoor Wall Decor
Macrame Shelf Planter Hanger for Indoor Plants with Wooden Shelf
4-Tier Hanging Plant Holder

8. Ugg Slippers ($85-$120)

The perfect cozy gift for guys and girls – these are one of my favorite warm pieces to wear when its cold! UGG definitely sells the most comfortable slippers that anyone in your life will be sure to love.

If you are shopping for True Grits on Cyber Monday, there are a couple on sale at Nordstrom.

9. Thrive Market Membership ($60)

If you have followed me for some time, you know my obsession with Thrive Market is real. It’s an online food store which sells healthier products at wholesale prices. It is my favorite place to stock up on all the pantry staples, and it has saved me over $1,000 so far. A one year membership to Thrive would be a great gift for someone in your life who appreciates a good discount on high quality products. If you want to see some of the products that they offer, you can check out my guide to Thrive Market. You can access my page through Thrive Market’s website which includes some of my top favorite products as well.

10. Outdoor Voices discounted sets ($95) or hats ($35)

This game-changing athletic wear brand has been taking over and it is for a good reason. I love their apparel – specifically all of the Tech Sweat line. Some of their stuff can add up like most other brands out there, but they have an option on the top of their website where you can pick out a set from the items they provide and customize your own set for $95. This is a great way to save a little money but gift someone an entire work out outfit! Click here to see what sets they have available. They also sell a really cute hat that says “Doing Things”, which would be a super fun present as well for a cheaper price of $35.

If you are shopping for Outdoor Voices on Cyber Monday, they are doing 40% off select items AND an extra 20% off sitewide! 

11. Yoga mat or classes

Gifting a yoga mat can be fun to gift to someone you love to practice with – I gifted one to my mom last year and now it always makes me smile when we go together! My favorite mat is the Reversible 5mm mat from Lululemon; personally I think the 3mm is too thin. I’ve also heard amazing things about the Manduka brand. Another great yoga-themed gift is private classes or sessions with a favorite yoga teacher. This is also a great idea for someone in your life who wants to start practicing yoga but may feel too timid in a public setting. You could do a solo or couples session!

12. Adidas Ultra Boosts ($180-$220)

These are my favorite sneakers of all time and truly make you feel like you are walking on a cloud. I don’t think I will be switching to a new type of sneaker anytime soon. These are a perfect gift for men and women alike. They come in a variety of colors and sizes too!


If you are shopping for Adidas on Cyber Monday, their entire website is 30% off! 

13. AWAY Gift Sets ($35-95)

These gift sets from AWAY were just way too cute not to include! The well known, fashionable suitcases and travel bags from AWAY just got really mini as they launched these gift sets for the holidays. They have a few different options for these cosmetic cases including a beauty set (pictured below; includes a jade roller). You can also just purchase the travel case and include different cosmetics in your gift!


14. 2019 Planner – Start Planner ($60)

Planners are super cute and useful gifts to give around the holiday season as we get ready for the new year! The planners by Start Planner are a game changer – they offer daily and weekly planners with a variety of information to track. From your budget, to your hourly to do list, to your food planning, and beyond – the Start Planners can really help you stay on track and organized in fashion. I’ve been using the daily one and have been loving how accountable its held me to complete a variety of different things each day.

Shop Start Planners here; if you are shopping on Cyber Monday, you can get the amazing founder, Kristy Dickerson’s, book on balance for free with your purchase! 

15. Cocokind Gift Sets ($28-$60)

Superfoods meet skincare with Cocokind’s amazing line of natural products. From face masks, to natural highlighters made with antioxidants and mushrooms – you’ll be sure to find something of their products that the skin will love. They offer gift sets around the holidays which would make for a super cute present. One of my favorite product of theirs is the Matcha face stick, it really helps protect your eyes from forming bags, especially when travelling.

16. Blue light filtering glasses – Pixel Eyewear ($85-$95)

We’ve all been told not to use screens and phones before bedtime because of the harmful blue light, but this is a hard habit to kick. Blue light filtering glasses have been all the rage as of recently for a great reason. I’ve been using mine for about a month now and can definitely tell that there has been a significant decrease in my headaches, etc. Pixel Eyewear sells a really cute line that won’t break the bank either!

If you are shopping for Pixel Eyewear blue light filtering glasses on Cyber Monday, you can get 20% off your purchase! 

17. An experience (local concert, cooking class – price will vary)

If I could gift an experience for every present, I totally would! There’s nothing better than getting to experience something special with your loved ones as a gift – especially around the holidays. I always look for local concerts, cooking classes (Sur La Table is great and has locations for classes all over the country), seasonal events, plays, etc.

If you’re local to Atlanta, Scoutmob/Hand Picked is an amazing website and app that provides different local experiences as well from wine tastings to multi-course dinners with a pre-fixed price. The Cooking School at Irwin Street has amazing classes that I love to attend with my mom.

18. Madewell – candles + jewelry (prices will vary)

When in doubt, I love to gift candles from Madewell! They are really cute and have incredible scents. They also have a great line of jewelry where I get most of my pieces from at affordable prices. These star and moon studs are my favorite!

If you are shopping at Madewell on Cyber Monday, their site is doing 25% off almost all items!

Hope you enjoyed – happy happy holidays!!



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