All About Thrive Market + Product Guide

What is Thrive Market?

… so happy you asked! Thrive Market is an online grocery store offering a variety of healthy products from snacks, baking supplies, supplements to home and beauty supplies, all at wholesale prices. Think Whole Foods meets Costco – yet you don’t even have to go to the store and deal with the crowds. Sick of spending endless amounts of money on healthy products? Yeah, me too.

Similar to Costco and other wholesale memberships, you pay a $60 yearly membership fee in order to have access the online store. You are also eligible to start a 30 day trial with Thrive to see if you like it before committing. The company already saves you hundreds each year. In my first year with Thrive Market, I saved over $1000. I will also include some codes you can use to help you save even more:

Thrive Discount Links:

Note: I will update my codes as I get new ones and the guide as new products come to Thrive, which is pretty often! I have a story highlight on Thrive Market where you can find any new favorite recommendations and information.

Free Gifts & Promotions:

Almost every day you can count on Thrive Market to offer a free gift or promotion. For example, one day they had a free Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee pack and then had an additional 15% off the line! I’ve gotten so many free gifts from my orders that are always so awesome. (i.e. coconut oil, almond butter, Simple Mills products, Safe Catch tuna, etc.) Pro tip: do your orders on days that they offer a promotion! Being that they have them so frequently, this isn’t hard to do and you will love being able to try old and new products for free.


Happy to help. DM me (@matcha_and_margs) or email me at This post is not sponsored. I’m super passionate about finding ways to make healthy food more accessible and affordable to people and would love to help you learn more about one of my favorite ways to do just that! 


Product Recommendations:

    • Siete Foods: lime, plain and nacho chips
      • Siete chips are a nutritious, grain-free tortillas chips that are great to dip in guacamole, to make nachos with, to crumble on chilis and soups – the list could go on.
      • Favorite flavors are the lime and the nacho chips.
    • Hu Chocolate: Paleo chocolate
      • Delicious, creamy chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar that you can use for baking, snacking, etc.
      • All flavors are amazing; I love the Cashew Butter & Pure Vanilla Bean Chocolate Bar and the Salty Chocolate Bar.
    • Lesser Evil: Paleo puffs and popcorn
      • Their new paleo puffs are my absolute favorite! I also love their super clean popcorn. One of my favorite snack brands in general.
      • Favorite paleo puff is the “No Cheese” Cheesiness and favorite popcorn is the organic Himalayan pink salt popcorn
    • Chomps: turkey and beef jerky sticks (10 packs)
      • Super clean jerky sticks – the turkey is free range and the beef is grass fed. I love having these on hand as a high protein snack.
    • Cybele’s Free to Eat: veggie based rotini pasta
      • Another one of my favorite pasta alternatives with super clean and minimal ingredients. My favorites are the white rotini (made with green lentil, cauliflower, and parsnip only) and the green rotini (made with green lentil, kale, spinach and broccoli).
    • Primal Palate: organic spices
      • All of their spices are amazing, but my top three are the Meat and Potatoes seasoning, Adobo seasoning and the New Bae seasoning (a healthier, organic version of Old Bay).
    • Cocokind: organic skincare line
      • A natural, all organic skincare line that is centered around using different superfoods in their products. Think: a matcha stick to apply under your eyes to reduce bagginess and a turmeric spot treatment stick.
      • Favorites are the two sticks listed above and the chlorophyll mask.
    • Barnana: banana based snacks
      • They are on a mission to end food waste; they up-cycle any organic bananas on their farm that would otherwise go to waste.
      • I love their ridged plantain chips (salt and vinegar, Himalayan pink salt or Acapulco lime) and the organic peanut butter chewy banana bites.
    • Beekeeper’s Naturals: high quality honey
      • I love this brand and their super innovative honey products. They also use sustainable beekeeping practices, which is super important to me.
      • I love the superfood honey with cacao, the bee pollen, the B.Chill hemp raw honey (infused with CBD) and their regular raw wildflower honey.
    • Mina: Moroccan sauce company
      • I love using their shakshuka sauce to make shakshuka – it is super clean and has amazing flavors.
    • Smartsweets: low sugar, high fiber gummy candies
      • These healthy gummies are an awesome option for your sweet tooth! I really love all of the flavors and haven’t found a product quite like this one. So good!
    • Om Mushrooms: superfood mushroom powders
      • High quality, organic and gluten free mushroom powder varieties that are highly functional
      • Sneak these into lots of my recipes for added health benefits
      • Love using Lions Mane (helps with focus), Cordyceps (help with energy levels), Reishi (helps you feel more calm), and Chaga (great for your immune system)
    • The Real Coconut: coconut flour chips
      • These chips are awesome and a little thicker than Siete chips.
      • My favorite flavors are the salt and vinegar and the Himalayan pink salt.
    • Stasher: reusable silicone bags
      • Love these dishwasher-friendly, reusable bags for on the go meals and food preservation in the home
    • The New Primal: Paleo marinades and cooking sauces
      • They have great clean sauces and marinades free of refined sugars that I love to cook with. They are super flavorful and help make prep a little bit easier!
      • The sauces and marinades are all great, but I think my favorite is the Mustard BBQ one – it’s so unique.
    • Sir Kensington: high quality condiment brand
      • Their mustards (spicy brown + dijon) are all a MUST.
      • I also love using their dairy free buffalo ranch dressing. Especially dipped with pizza!
    • Yellowbird: clean hot sauces
      • They are all super tasty, but the Habanero one is my favorite. It is made with organic carrots, onions, garlic, tangerine juice concentrate, salt, lime juice, habanero peppers, distilled vinegar and a small touch of organic cane sugar.
    • Raos: marinara sauces
      • Amazing, high quality marinara sauce. One of the only brands of sauce I buy – its totally worth it. If you like a little heat, I definitely recommend the Arrabbiata sauce.
    • Sejoyia: coconut macaroons and cookies (Coco-Thins)
      • Their products are super clean and great to snack on. They have a lot of flavor varieties as well.
      • I love the meaning behind their brand – the name Sejoyia means “See Joy in All”. How cute?!
      • My favorite product of theirs are the vanilla Coco-Thins! These cookies are only made of organic coconut, cashews, organic coconut sugar, cassava flour, sea salt, natural vanilla flavor, and organic natural almond flavor.
    • Jackson’s Honest: sweet potato chips, purple heirloom chips, grain free puffs, etc.
      • The sweet potato chips are similar to Terra chips but without the additives. They are the perfect alternative to eat if you don’t have time to meal prep sweet potatoes – the only ingredients are sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and salt.
      • They now have grain free puffs as well! I like the plain sweet potato ones.
    • Plant Snacks: original yuca root chips, vegan cheddar and vegan beet and goat cheese varieties
      • Really good paired with healthy dips and the new vegan cheese flavors are awesome! They taste like real cheese and this is the first product I have ever tried with vegan goat cheese – so good.
    • Purely Elizabeth: Reishi powered grain free granola bars, vibrant oats, and granola
      • All of their products have clean ingredients, taste delicious, and are sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar. The grain-free granola bars are powered by Reishi, an adaptogenic superfood whose benefits include aiding the body’s response to stress and supporting healthy immune function.
      • Favorites are the original granola and the chocolate grain-free granola bars.
    • Eating Evolved: Paleo chocolate
        • Delicious, healthy chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar that you can use for baking, snacking, etc. 
        • Cashew milk chocolate varieties taste very similar to milk chocolate; they are so creamy and melt easily.
      • Buy their Midnight cacao bar if avoiding sugar and dip in unsweetened almond butter to add flavor and offset the bitterness of cacao.
      • All flavors are good; love the Almond Sea Salt Bar, the Caramel Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups, and the Cashew Milk Chocolate varieties.
    • Simple Mills: almond flour crackers, pizza dough, bread and pancake mix, paleo cookies and baking mixes
      • Love all of their products; Sun-dried Tomato and Basil is my favorite cracker flavor and pecan is my favorite cookie flavor. Their pizza crust also turns out incredible.
      • I love using this tip from one of my friends, Cory (@tinycleankitchen), to buy two of the almond flour bread mixes and bake together in a bread pan according to the package directions to make a loaf of paleo bread for the week.
    • Banza: chickpea pasta
      • One of my favorite healthy, plant based, versions of pasta. Tastes very similar to regular pasta and the main ingredient is chickpeas.
      • Comes in a lot of fun shapes, I love the wheels and Cavatappi!
    • Lily’s: stevia sweetened dark chocolate chips
      • Use in baking recipes for a low sugar chocolate alternative if you are not sensitive to stevia.
  • SeaSnax: seaweed based snacks
    • Addicting snack if you like the taste of seaweed
    • Favorites are lime flavored seaweed snacks and all of the Chomperz
  • Safe Catch: tuna (plain and flavored varieties) and salmon
    • One of the only canned fish brands I will eat; each can is tested for mercury levels and it is super safe to eat. You can truly taste the Safe Catch difference.
  • Jilz Crackers: Paleo/gluten free crackers
      • Love pairing them with Safe Catch tuna and sauerkraut or on salads to add carbs.
    • The on the go packets are great to bring with you for a quick, nourishing snack.
  • Primal Kitchen Foods: avocado oil, dressings, mayonnaise, new condiments (ketchup and mustard)
      • One of the only pre-made dressings I eat with super clean ingredients. All of them are avocado oil based and taste great. The honey mustard dressing is my favorite.
    • I’m not a big mayonnaise fan, but this brand is one I can stomach! Has minimal, good for you ingredients. I love to mix it with Safe Catch Tuna and various seasonings.
    • The new condiments are truly amazing – this is the first unsweetened ketchup recipe I have really loved. I always have some on hand.
  • Birch Benders: Paleo pancake and waffle mix
    • Super versatile mix and has a great taste
    • The mix is low in sugar and sweetened with monk fruit
    • Put a little less water than the bag calls for to make fluffier pancakes
  • Bob’s Red Mill: flours, seeds, baking mixes, etc.
    • All of Bob’s products are truly amazing and very high quality. I use the almond flour the most frequently.
    • Love using them for all of my baking, etc.
  • One Degree Organic Foods: sprouted brown rice cereal
    • Great vegan and sprouted cereal sweetened with coconut sugar
    • Love making vegan crunch bars or topping my smoothies with this cereal
    • Their chocolate flavor is my favorite one to eat plain and I like to bake with the plain flavor.
  • Chosen Foods: avocado oil spray
    • Awesome avocado oil cooking spray that I use for almost all cooking
    • Does not contain additives similar to other kinds of spray oils
  • Thrive Market // Sprouted Garbanzo Bean Flour:
    • Great vegan flour substitute with protein
    • Sprouted variety so it is better for your digestion
    • Make my favorite cookie recipe by Ambitious Kitchen here with Eating Evolved cashew milk chocolate chunks 🙂
  • Amazing Grass: green super-food powder
    • Love starting my day with a glass of coconut water, a scoop of this powder, and lemon juice. The combination instantly makes me feel great, especially when I feel I may have something coming on.
  • Artisana Organics: coconut butter
    • Love their coconut butter, I use it in a lot of recipes.
    • Their coconut cacao bliss is an awesome treat too.

Additional Brands Thrive carries:

    • Acure (I use their shampoo and conditioner)
    • Four Sigmatic
    • Charlotte’s Web (CBD products)
    • Dr. Bronner’s
    • Gaia Herbs (I take the ashwagandha pills every day)
    • Milkadamia (macadamia nut milk)
    • Larabar
    • Otto’s Naturals Cassava Flour
    • Enjoy Life
    • Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener (zero glycemic index) 
    • Living Intentions (love their probiotic salsa verde popcorn)
    • Mary’s Crackers
    • Paleonola
  • Thrive Brand
      • Bulk nuts
      • Nut butters
      • Flours
      • Baking powders 
      • Non-toxic cleaning products (use almost all of these around my house)
      • Turkey and beef jerky (sweetened with coconut sugar)
    • Nut milks (love the oat milk)
    • Paleo banana snack mixes… and SO many more!

If you have any further questions, don’t be shy! I’d love to help you figure out if a membership would be a good fit for you. Happy shopping!

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